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CHECKING YOUR GRADES AND COURSE AVERAGE ON TURNITIN.COM After the instructor has finished grading an assignment, you may view the score on that assignment as well as your overall course average. Here is the procedure for checking your scores on graded papers. Logging on to Turnitin.com 1. Locate the website ( www.turnitin.com ). 2. Locate the “Email” and the “Password” boxes near the top of the page. Insert the same e-mail address and password used during your registration in their respective boxes. Click the “Sign in” button to the right of the “Password” box. If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Retrieve password” link below the password box. It will ask you to answer the secret question you provided earlier. 3. Click on the link to your class, which appears on your welcome page. That will take you to the “ASSIGNMENT INBOX AND PORTFOLIO” page.
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Unformatted text preview: Viewing Assignment Scores 4. Click on the “my grades” button, which appears in the upper panel box (along with “class portfolio,” “peer review,” “discussion,” and “calendar”) of the class portfolio page. 5. The assignments will be listed vertically in chronological order on the “GradeBook” page. The maximum points available for each assignment appears inside parentheses below the “points” column heading. Numbers to the left of the numbers inside parentheses represents the scores earned. Viewing the Current Course Average 6. Near the top of the “GradeBook” page will appear several numbers. The numbers on the left side of that line represent the number of points earned and the number of points attempted (earned/attempted). The number to the right of the earned/attempted numbers is the current course average....
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