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MISY 3310 – Management Information Systems Concepts – Fall 2011 1 MISY 3310 Management Information Systems Concepts Fall 2011 Section 0W2 (Online) INSTRUCTOR: Joseph S. Mollick PhD OFFICE HOURS: MWF 10:55a.m-12:55 p.m. OFFICE: OCNR 389 (no appointment necessary to meet during office hours) OFFICE PHONE: 825-2853 E-mail: joseph.mollick@tamucc.edu Course website: http://faculty.tamucc.edu/jmollick/ and Blackboard website COURSE DESCRIPTION: The goal of this course is to help students develop an understanding of computer-based information systems in organizations. It illustrates ways in which companies utilize information technology enabled systems to strategically compete within certain industries. The emphasis is on the role of information systems within each of the functional areas of business. Major concepts include data management, decision support, and management information systems. COURSE PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: Junior standing or above. REQUIRED TEXT: O’Brien, J.A. Marakas, G. Introduction to Information Systems: Essentials for the e-Business Enterprise (15 th edition), McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Boston, MA. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. You will understand how technology relates to your chosen field. 2. You will be able to identify how information technology impacts organizations. 3. You will be able to interpret information technology’s role in organizations. 4. You will understand managerial issues related to information technology use. EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS 1. You are responsible for all material presented in lecture and assigned readings. 2. You are responsible for turning in all assignments on time. 3. You are responsible for staying informed of assignments, meeting locations, and any changes to the syllabus announced during class time. 4. You are responsible for doing everything necessary to learn the material. 5. You are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and policies outlined in this syllabus. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY Scheduled class time will be used for lectures, student presentations, discussions and student activities. You are encouraged to ask questions and to participate in class discussions on information systems and their applications. In addition, you are encouraged to pay attention to local, national and international media coverage (print, audio-visual, etc.) on information systems topics.
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MISY 3310 – Management Information Systems Concepts – Fall 2011 2 EXAMS: Your performance will be evaluated on six examinations, a research project and attendance and class participation. The exam formats will generally be multiple choice, and short answer essay. Scantron forms will be needed for all examinations. Lectures, readings, class activities, and case problems will be the basis of these exams. All course material is fair game for exam questions – all assigned readings whether discussed in class or not and all material presented in lectures whether covered in assigned readings or not. You should KEEP all of your graded exam forms
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MISY-3310_W02_Fall_20112012 - MISY 3310 Management...

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