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FINA-4310_001_Spring_20112012 - Advanced Finance FINA...

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Advanced Finance FINA 4310.001 Instructor: Eugene Bland, Ph.D., CFM, CTP, CFA Phone: (361) 825-2829 Email: [email protected] Office: OCNR 326 Office Hours: M 4-7, T 3:50-420, 7-9:30. Times are subject to change. Drop-ins are welcome and encouraged. I will be glad to help as long as I am available. Required Materials: 1. Text: Intermediate Financial Management, Brigham and Daves. 2. Internet Access 3. Financial Calculator (Only the Texas Instrument’s BAII Plus is permitted) Prerequisites: FINA 3320 or equivalent. Course Description: Application of financial management tools, examination and interpretation of financial statements and integration of financial policy and structure on overall management of the enterprise. Prerequisites: FINA 3320 and Junior standing or above. Relationship to Other Coursework: The application of the knowledge accumulated in FINA 3310 to real world financial problems advance the capabilities of students. FINA 4310 is a capstone course integrating the mathematical and analytical tools acquired in other business courses. A team approach to the analysis and proposed solutions is similar to a typical corporate environment. A written analysis and proposed courses of action from each team improve written communication skills and a required presentation to the class also improves oral communication talents. The principles of financial management in a corporate environment form a foundation for concepts in related finance courses including risk management, real estate, and financial markets and institutions. Although a corporate environment is emphasized in the course, basic principles are applicable in partnerships, proprietorships, and estate management. Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, the students will be able to: 1. Understand the fundament principles of finance in a business environment and the financial goal of corporation. 2. Comprehend the reporting requirement of a corporation both to its stockholder as well as the SEC. 3. Gain the fundamental principles of financial statement analysis from a managerial perspective.
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4. Calculate the present value of cash flows. 5. Calculate the marginal return long term project under consideration. 6. Calculate the marginal cost of capital for long-term projects. Instructional Methodology: Team case analysis, written analysis be each team, presentation of a case to Lecture, class discussion, handouts, question and answer sessions, computer presentations, reading assignments, required homework problems, and videos. Performance Evaluation and Grading: There are Two major examinations, weekly homework assignments, weekly quizzes and an optional comprehensive final examination. The final grade in this course is determined by the instructor s evaluation of the student s progress toward the espoused instructional objectives. For this reason, it is not entirely possible to specify grade criteria. However, the following approximate weights and values will be utilized: 2 Major exams 60% Cases 30% Quiz 10%
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