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Unformatted text preview: Accounting Information Systems Flowchart Exercise Pizza Island Tom picks up the phone and orders one large pizza. The Pizza Island has a special “order one large and get a free medium pizza.” In addition to the pizza, Tom orders 10 pieces of chicken wings, one order of breadsticks and a bottle of soft drink. Tom’s call came on line one at the pizza place. Jill took his order (kitchen activity may be added separately), and Doreen delivered the order (Doreen uses a computerized map to locate the address of delivery). It happened that this was the last order delivered by Doreen who settled her account for the day after this delivery. The Pizza Island tracks the time to take and prepare the order, the time of dispatch to make sure delivery is within 45 minutes from the end of customer’s call. Theresa, the manager, collects the cash and checks, runs daily reports, and closes the daily activity records. One deposit slip is prepared for cash collections every day. The reports printed are used to check for cash and sales activities’ accuracy, for inventory control and ordering, time keeping and commissions. Required: Prepare a systems/document flowchart for the sales subsystem as described above. Make sure you include all documents, forms or computer screens, master and transaction files, reports, receipts, elements and processes used in the above transaction. In describing processes, make sure you emphasize the control issues embedded in the system and as reflected by each screen, activity and/or printed form used in each business process. Label each input going into and coming out as an output from each process, and describe the process including words indicating control issues. Checklist: Have you included all documents (reports) used and generated by the system? Have you included all files (master and transaction files) used and updated? Make sure you reflect the logical sequence of activities. Make sure you represent the sequence and direction of data flow. Make sure you use the flowcharts symbols to help the user know when and where each activity starts and ends, and who is in charge of carrying out each activity. Utilize on-page and off-page connectors, and filing symbols whenever possible. ...
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