If I would let someone else

If I would let someone else - If I would let someone else,...

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Unformatted text preview: If I would let someone else, tell my story it would probably begin on the topic of immigrants crashing borders for the sole purpose of getting into the American taxpayers pocket. I will have you know I am here in search of what is known as the American; although I may have entered the country illegally, I plan to become a productive member of society. We are well aware of the cheap labor practices in Mexico so there is little to no chance to maintain a family without doing criminal acts however; hard work always pays off in the end. Once in American, I met some Mexican Americans and quickly find a job and a place to live. I was not making a lot at the time however, I could never think about making these wages back home. The company I worked for was very honest and tried their best to treat me as any other worker, soon after he would be the very person to sponsor may hopes of receiving a green card. The process was not easy at all but without the help of my job, I think I would have ended up back in Mexico because of how strict...
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