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Riverpoint Writer - Running head MY AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD 1...

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Running head: MY AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD 1 My American Neighborhood ETH/125 March 11, 2012 Helene Hutchins
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MY AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD 2 My American Neighborhood I have spent all of my life living in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world, however in my commonly in the communities I have visited are with minorities. I myself am an African American and my family roots are deep in the south. Leading me to believe, at some point in time the people who made it possible for me to enjoy the freedoms of America were possible slaves. Among the groups that live in my community are Hispanics, Arabs, White America, Asian, Italian, Jewish, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Caribbean, etc. Like most cities in America I would have to say there are several key factors separating each group from the other, each group is separated by class, job title, education, etc. This city is one of the richest cities in America; however, once you live out Manhattan you truly see the heart and soul of the city. Manhattan is filled with the most expensive apartments, retail stores, commonly where the riches citizens in the city reside, while the poorest citizens go to find work. Outside of Manhattan there four other boroughs I myself have lived in many parts of this high priced city. I was born in Brooklyn and as a child I can remember going to school with Spanish, West Indian, Indian, Asian and mainly African American students. In these areas White American rarely live, however they are often store owners, local businessman or politicians. If you ever in the Brooklyn, Jewish people are also be in the mix of culture, creating a few ghettos throughout Brooklyn, I have even noticed that have their own Police, Fire and Ambulance service. During my childhood I would have assumed that African Americans were the dominate
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Riverpoint Writer - Running head MY AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD 1...

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