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Unformatted text preview: We were brought over to the United States when Fidel Castro open its harbor and sent several thousand Cuban citizens to America, during what you may know as The Mariel Boatlift from April 15, 1980 and ended October 13, 1980. Many may describe as some of us Castros undesirables which I am sure you may have heard from your local news network and/or Newspaper, however let me reassure you that I am not a criminal but a person who migrated to America to enjoy freedoms and liberties that are forbidden or illegal in my native land of Cuba. In the beginning, I will be the first to admit that life in American was not easy living in refugee camps restricted to certain area will being processed to become an American citizen. After receiving my mu social security card I was optimistic of the potential life I could make for my family and I. Being that I was as faired skinned as the average American, I did not get too much grief. Once people realized I could not speak English I often would have to deal with a bit much grief....
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