managing the reliable design of an enterprise it network infrastructure

Managing the reliable design of an enterprise it network infrastructure

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Information Systems Management , 27:238–246, 2010 Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC ISSN: 1058-0530 print / 1934-8703 online DOI: 10.1080/10580530.2010.493837 Managing the Reliable Design of an Enterprise IT Network Infrastructure Lazar Rusu 1 and Alexandru Smeu 2 1 Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden 2 Tora Trading Services, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Today’s businesses are more and more dependent upon their information technology (IT) infrastructure. Therefore, the man- agers are aware of the huge costs associated with data loss (and recovery) and invest millions of dollars in special equipments in order to increase the reliability of their IT systems. Thus, the focus in this article is on the practical modalities of designing a reli- able IT network infrastructure in an enterprise. In this direction an algorithm has been developed that is a hybrid between classic greedy and simulated annealing that search for the most reliable IT network infrastructure meeting the imposed budget cost con- straints and the enterprise managers’ decisions constraints. A key point of the proposed solution is the way in which the enterprise managers are involved in the estimation of the relative importance of their interconnections between their business’s data centers. Furthermore, the algorithm presented in this article has been eval- uated in the case of a retail enterprise for addressing the business’s demands for a higher reliability of their IT network infrastructure. Keywords IT network infrastructure design; management decisions; budget cost; IT network infrastructure reliability 1. INTRODUCTION The IT infrastructure could be conceptually divided into three categories: network, processing systems and facilities (as data centers) (Applegate, Austin, & McFarlan, 2003). Others authors, like Pearlson and Saunders (2009), de±ne the IT infras- tructure in an enterprise as the hardware, software, data, and network components. Both de±nitions are correct and from them we have observed the importance of IT network infras- tructure that presents a number of challenges for business. These challenges are coming out because of ever changing and increasing demands from the enterprise management for hav- ing an IT network infrastructure that is capable to respond to the needs for improving the delivery of new business services and to deal with IT budget constraints. In this context, the man- agement process of reliable design of an enterprise IT network Address correspondence to Lazar Rusu, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Isafjordsgatan 39, Forum 100, 164 40 Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. E-mail: infrastructure is essential and it is an important factor in busi- ness success. As we knew, a reliable IT infrastructure assures the information ²ow between all hierarchical levels inside an enterprise and outside too with customers and suppliers and plays a key role in business performance achievement. In fact, a reliable communication is a key factor for an enterprise,
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Managing the reliable design of an enterprise it network infrastructure

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