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Exam Guidance The following is a list of topics/concepts that will be important to know for the exam. Interest Rate Determination The Macro-economic Context of Interest Rate Determinate Loanable Funds Theory The Pure Expectations Theory and its assumptions The Segmented Markets Theory and its assumptions The Liquidity Premium Theory and its assumptions Foreign Exchange: How to read quotes How to transpose Quotes How to calculate cross rates Factors that affect the exchange rate (eg. Inflation PPP theory) Futures and Forwards: Understand the nature of short positions and long positions
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Unformatted text preview: Marking to Market and Margin Calls/deposits. Hedging using futures The risks of using futures contracts Participants in the Futures Markets The Difference between FRAs and Futures Settlement of FRAs and Futures Contracts Options American and European Options The Four types of options positions Calculating Profit or loss on options (in the money/out of the money) Factors that determine the price of the option How to hedge using options Option Strategies: Only Straddle and Strangle...
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