3A, Confucius, OUTLINE

3A, Confucius, OUTLINE - Confucius and the Analects (Lunyu...

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Confucius o and the Analects (Lunyu o ) Intro Learning, study, practice “In transmitting but not originating, trusting in and loving the ancients, I would venture to compare myself to our old Peng” (7.1). “Why didn’t you simply say something to this effect: He is the sort of man who forgets to eat when he tries to solve a problem that has been driving him to distraction, who is so full of joy that he forgets his worries and does not notice the onset of old age?” (7.19) “The Master heard the shao [a type of music] in Qi and for three months did not notice the taste of the meat he ate. He said, ‘I never dreamed that the joys of music could reach such heights” (7.14). “I used to go without food all day, without sleep all night, to think. No use, better to learn” (15.31). Ceremony ( li n ) “When summoned by his lord to serve as usher, his expression was serious, his step brisk. When with clasped hands he bowed to his colleagues on left and right, his robes moved evenly in front and behind. His hurrying advance was a glide. When the guest withdrew he would invariably announce ‘The guest no longer looks back’” (10.2).
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“The stable caught fire. On returning from court the
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3A, Confucius, OUTLINE - Confucius and the Analects (Lunyu...

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