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Creating certificate requests

Creating certificate requests - Steps to create a CSR are...

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Creating certificate requests When WAS is required to service a production environment requiring SSL, you will need to import SSL  certificates. These certificates come from your trusted certificate authority. You must first generate a  certificate request from WAS. The request process creates the appropriate public and private keys required.  The  Certificate Signing Request (CSR ) will contain the public key that has been certified by the CA  provider. The CSR is then manually sent to our CA provider and a certificate is generated for you. Once you  receive the CSR signed with your new certificate, it needs to be imported into WAS. 
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Unformatted text preview: Steps to create a CSR are as follows: 1. Click Security | SSL certificate and key management | Key stores and certificates | keystore from within the Admin console. 2. Click Personal certificate requests | New . 3. Type the full path of the certificate request file destination in the File for certificate request field . The certificate request is created in this location. 4. Type an alias name in the Key label field. The alias identifies the certificate request in the key store. 5. Select a Key size value. The valid key size values are 512,...
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