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Enables the application server

Enables the application server - certificate alias Extract...

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Button name  Description  Create  (drop-down list)  Enables the application server to create the  following certificates:  Self-signed Certificate  A-signed Certificate  Chained Certificate  Delete  Specifies to delete a certificate from the key  store. Be careful that the certificate alias is not  referenced elsewhere in the Secure Sockets  Layer configuration.  Receive from a certificate authority  Enables the application server to receive a  certificate authority (CA)-generated certificate  from a file to complete a certificate request.  Replace  Replaces a personal certificate with another  personal certificate. Any place in the security  configuration where the certificate alias is  referenced will be replaced with the new 
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Unformatted text preview: certificate alias. Extract Extracts the signer part of a personal certificate from the key store and stores it in a file. The file can then be used to add the signer to another key store. Import Imports a certificate, including the private key, from a key store file or managed key store. Export Exports a certificate, including the private key, to a specified key store file or managed key store. Revoke Revokes a CA-signed certificate. Use this option if you wish to revoke trusted certificates. Renew Renews a self-signed or chained certificate. This option is used if you wish to manually renew a certificate....
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