Important aspects in using Web services

Important aspects in using Web services - Web services can...

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Important aspects in using Web services There are some business and technical aspects that need to be considered when deciding to use Web services. The following questions represent the types of strategic thinking that needs to happen if you want to provide or use Web services: _ Do you have business functionality that is common and can be shared? The typical reason to use a Web service is to save time and effort by reusing existing infrastructure. Over time, this enables the entire IT infrastructure of an enterprise to reduce redundancy and consist of mature, well-tested components. Does your application have this sort of functionality? Can you reduce the complexity of your application by using other Web services? _ Do you need a more consumable interface to existing exposed function?
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Unformatted text preview: Web services can be used as an easier way to expose application programing interfaces (APIs) to consumers. Wrapping existing APIs in Web services provides a more friendly interface to them. _ What business functionality do you want to expose to external parties? You have the option to expose as much or as little of your application as you want. This can range from single business functions exposed as services to the entire application wrapped up as a single Web service. It largely depends on your business strategy. There are no technical constraints. Does the architecture of your application allow individual business functions to be exposed in this manner?...
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