Key stores and trust stores

Key stores and trust stores - as a signer certificate If...

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Key stores and trust stores WAS uses certificates that reside in key stores to establish trust for SSL connections. A  Keystore  is a key  database file that contains both public keys and private keys. Public keys are stored as signer certificates while  private keys are stored in the personal certificates. The keys are used for a variety of purposes, including  authentication and data integrity. They are located in:  <was_profile_root>/config/cells/<cell_node_name>/nodes/<node_name> /key.p12 A trust store file is a key database file that contains the public keys for target servers. The public key is stored 
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Unformatted text preview: as a signer certificate. If the target uses a self-signed certificate, extract the public certificate from the server Keystore file. Add the extracted certificate into the trust store file as a signer certificate. For a commercial certificate authority (CA), the CA root certificate is added. The trust store file can be a more publicly accessible key database file that contains all the trusted certificates. it is located in: <was_profile_root>/config/cells/<cell_node_name>/nodes/<...
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