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Local operating system

Local operating system - privileges Since...

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Local operating system We are now going to turn on global security with the  Local operating system  option, which is the default  option in the security configuration wizard. We mentioned in  Chapter 2 Installing WebSphere Application  Server  that installing WAS to run as root on Linux platforms is not ideal and not the most secure way to run  WebSphere in Linux. However, to use the local Linux operating system as a user registry, we need to have  WebSphere running as root.  For Windows users, WebSphere must be running under a user with administrative 
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Unformatted text preview: privileges. Since root/administrative access is required for local operating system usage, it means it is not the best method for production environments, because it requires a lower level of administration and is not easily managed. This method can be a good way to secure a local desktop version of WebSphere when you are testing configurations. Using a federated LDAP repository is a better method and more suitable to production-like environments. LDAP repositories will be covered after this section....
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