Monitoring certificate expiration

Monitoring certificate expiration - same data that is used...

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Monitoring certificate expiration Since the default personal certificate expires every year, WAS will automatically renew the default personal  certificate.  Certificate monitoring ensures that the default chained certificate for each node is not allowed to expire. The  certificate expiration monitoring function issues a warning before certificates and signers are set to expire.  Those certificates and signers that are located in key stores managed by the WebSphere Application Server  configuration can be monitored.  You can configure the expiration monitor to automatically replace a certificate. A chained certificate will be  recreated based on the same data used for the initial creation and sign it with the same root certificate that  signed the original certificate. A self-signed certificate or chained certificate is also recreated based upon the 
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Unformatted text preview: same data that is used during the initial profile creation. Steps to configure expiration monitoring: 1. Click Security | SSL certificate and key management | Manage certificate expiration from within the Admin console 2. Type the number of days in the Expiration notification threshold field. The WebSphere Application Server will issue an expiration warning (n) showing the number of days before expiration. When a certificate is within the expiration threshold, and automatic replacement is enabled, certificates are replaced. 3. Type the number of days in the Certificate pre-notification threshold field. This value specifies the time period before the threshold when warnings are issued by the certificate monitor concerning upcoming replacement dates....
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