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Planning for monitoring As most WebSphere-based applications are internet-based applications, a 24 × 7 availability is a must. The tolerance of internet users for unavailable sites is low and users usually navigate to the next site if your site is not operable. This means you just lost a potential customer. It is required then, to track and monitor the availability of your site so that you recognize when things are going wrong and you can react in a timely manner. An efficient monitoring, combined with a sophisticated alerting and problem handling procedure, can increase the availability of your service significantly. That is why you must plan for monitoring and problem handling. Do not wait until your environment becomes unproductive. 4.6.1 Environment analysis for monitoring Careful planning for monitoring is essential and must start with a detailed
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Unformatted text preview: analysis of the environment to be monitored. It is important to ensure that the full environment is monitored and no single component is overseen. To analyze the monitoring requirements for your environment consider the following factors to give you an overview of what needs to be done: Components to be monitored It is essential that each component required to run your service is monitored. For each component you identify, answer the following questions: _ What are the possible states of the component and how can you retrieve them? _ What is the impact of each of the possible states the component can have? _ What specific attributes of the component can be monitored? _ For each attribute you can monitor, define the following values: – Which attribute values (or range of attribute values) show a normalusually...
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