Preparing for Oracle

Preparing for Oracle - apply the same logic to any of the...

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Preparing for Oracle Before you create a data source to connect your application to Oracle, we need to ensure that the appropriate  client database driver software is installed. For our demonstration, we are going to use  Oracle Express  Edition  ( Oracle XE ), which is the free (limited) version of the commercial Oracle database product. There are  many open source databases to choose from. Oracle's free RDBMS has been used in this chapter because  JDBC with Oracle XE is quite easy to configure and represents a true enterprise environment. Many  organizations choose to use Oracle as their enterprise RDBMS. By following these steps, you will be able to 
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Unformatted text preview: apply the same logic to any of the major vendors' full RDBMS products, that is, DB/2, Oracle RAC, SQL Server, and so on. Another reason why I chose Oracle XE is that it is an enterprise-ready DB and is administered by a simple web-based interface. I have used the Linux version of Oracle XE 10g in my example and the download size is about 211MB, so it does take time to download. For those who wish to use Oracle XE for Windows, this is possible as well, and I have included a few Windows instructions if you choose this option....
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