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Production system tuning

Production system tuning - is being tested it is likely...

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Production system tuning Changes between test runs should not differ by more than a small percentage to preclude introducing new problems that you might need to sort out before you continue tuning. As soon as you finish tuning your production systems, apply the settings to your test environments to make sure that they are similar to production. Plan to rerun your tests there to establish new baselines on these systems and to see how these changes affect the performance. Keep in mind that you often only have one chance to get this right. Normally, as soon as you are in production with your system, you cannot run performance tests on this environment any more, simply because you cannot take the production system offline to run more performance tests. If a production system
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Unformatted text preview: is being tested, it is likely that the system is running in a severely degraded position, and you have already lost half the battle. After completing your first performance tests and tuning the WebSphere parameters, evaluate your results and compare them to your objectives to see how all of this worked out for you. Important: To perform tuning in the production environment, have the final version of code running. This version should have passed performance tests on the integration environment prior to changing any WebSphere parameters on the production system. Note: Because it is rare to use a production system for load tests, it is usually...
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