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Web services architecture

Web services architecture - Service broker(or service...

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. Web services architecture The basic SOA consists of the following three primary components, as shown in Figure 11-1: _ Service provider (or service producer) The service provider creates a service and possibly publishes its interface and accesses information to the service broker. Another name for the service provider is the service producer. The terms are interchangeable. _ Service requestor (or service consumer) The service requestor locates entries in the broker registry using various find operations and then binds to the service provider in order to invoke one of its services. Another name for the service requestor is the service consumer. The terms are interchangeable.
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Unformatted text preview: _ Service broker (or service registry) The service broker is responsible for making the service interface and implementation access information available to any potential service requestor. The service broker is not necessary to implement a service if the service requestor already knows about the service provider by other means. Each component can act as one of the two other components. For example, if a service provider needs some more information that it can only acquire from some other service, it acts as a service requestor while still serving the original request. Figure 11-1 shows the operations each SOA component can perform....
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