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MAS PROJECT - Marketing Aspect Intro Target Market...

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Marketing Aspect Intro Target Market Competitor Past Demand and Supply Analysis Price Study Product Promotion Technical Aspect Intro GANTT chart Location Map Building Plan Customer Flow Chart Machineries and Equipments Organization and Management Aspect Intro Type of ownership Business Policy Manpower Requirements Job description Job Specification Organization Chart Financial Aspect Project Cost Source of Financing Projected I/S Socio- Economic Aspect Water is the life-blood of almost every living organism on Earth, including human beings. Why is it then that the keepers of the life-blood (usually government utilities), who we are supposed to trust, continue in their attempts to poison us with it? Most tap water is unfit for human consumption, yet the people who are unable to obtain their drinking waterfrom other sources are expected to drink it. The same water that people shouldn't be drinking is the same water that destroys appliances, pipes and other things around the home due to the water containing excess minerals and added toxic chemicals like fluoride . Hard Water Water that contains a lot of minerals is often called "hard water". This is the reason that water purifiers continue to be called "water softeners". Despite a common belief, salt is not added to the water to make it "soft". The salt is used to clean certain filters in the water purifiers. Most decent home water purification systems have two components, a main water purifier (usually installed in the garage) and a reverse osmosis water purifier (usually installed under the kitchen sink). The majority of the water contaminants are removed by the main water purifier and the reverse osmosis unit removes the rest. Contrary to popular belief, buying bottled water is more expensive than installing a home purification system. I had a water purification system installed in my house, in the US, from 1994 to 2006 (when I sold the house). Counting the initial cost along with the annual replacement of specific filters in the reverse osmosis unit, and the salt I bought, I may have spent a grand total of $6000 over the course of 12 years. It may seem like a lot but consider how much you may be spending for bottled water if you do the math for a 12 year period.
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Plumbing and Appliances It should go without saying that plumbing fixtures and appliances last a lot longer when you use purified water with them. I don't have a water purification system in my house now (and it would probably cost me $10,000 for the initial installation here because some pipes would have to be rerouted). Cleaning the bathroom sinks and toilets is almost a daily requirement because it doesn't take long for the hard water stains to appear. Contrast that to a monthly cleaning (or less) in my previous house where I had a complete water purification system.
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