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3B_Warring_States_thinkers, _OUTLINE

3B_Warring_States_thinkers, _OUTLINE - Hundred Clans[i.e...

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After Confucius: Some Warring States Thinkers and Texts I. Mohism °± A. Master Mo (Mozi . ) and his followers Dates: active late in the 5 th century B.C.E. Social stratum; the Mohist movement B. Core chapters and doctrines in the book Mozi : Elevating the Worthy . Conforming to Superiors . *Concern for Everyone . Rejecting Aggression . Thrift in Expenditure . *Thrift in Funerals . *Heaven’s Will . *Elucidating Ghosts . *Rejecting Music . *Rejecting Destiny . There’s also an important chapter, “Against Confucians” . 1
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, to which reference will be made. C. The three tests of argument (“three gnomons” . ): 1. Find the assertion’s root . (“One finds it far back in the practice of the sage kings of old”) 2. Trace the evidence for it . (“One finds it down below by scrutinizing what is real for the ears and eyes of the
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Unformatted text preview: Hundred Clans [i.e. the common people]”) 3. Use it . (“One applies it in punishment and administration, and observes whether it benefits [ li . ] the people of the state”) [this discussion found in the “Rejecting Destiny” chapters] II. Mencius f Differences from Confucius Key doctrine: innate goodness of human nature ( xing . ) Sense of history, of lineage and succession III. Xunzi f 2 Human nature is basically evil Theory of ritual Notion of Heaven IV. Ritual texts A. the Great Learning ( Da xue . ) B. “The Meaning of Sacrifices” C. “The Evolution of the Rites” V. Conclusion The preceding all locative… but note certain passages in the Sunzi bingfa v or “Master Sun’s Art of Warfare” 3...
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