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Lab 2 Report - Objective In this experiment we plan to use...

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Objective : In this experiment we plan to use an air track to reduce friction between a glider and an inclined plane to measure the acceleration due to gravity on the glider. By measuring the average and instantaneous velocities we will derive these entities through time recordings from our data. We hope to calculate an experimental value of g that is close to 980 cm /s². Apparatus : Air track, air supply, hose to connect air supply to track, (1) glider, photo gate timer with mode control. Calculations : Our group was able to calculate the length of the glider by using the photo gate, noting the position on the air track when the LED lights turn on and when the LED lights turns off. By taking the difference of the two readings we are able to record the length of the glider, L=12.9cm. x was determined by interval sets initially starting from 130 cm and decreasing by 10 cm for each trial until 90 cm was reached. The time intervals were noted by the procedures section. - determined by letting the glider pass the photo gate in gate mode with the first time displayed on the timer, i.e. 0.3570s
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