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Objective : In this experiment we plan to use a ultrasonic motion detector to record our linear motion that we plan to observe and analyze different conditions that will help produce real time calculation results. By utilizing the results, our work group can investigate possible motion scenarios that correlate between the velocity verse time or acceleration verse time graphs. The experiment challenges us to critically think about how to make predictions about linear motion and how graphs can visually aid in interpreting real world motion. Apparatus : Vernier LabPro, Ultrasonic Motion Detector with a serial # 210-600-3978 Model 5-100610, laptop ( Dell Optiplex 760), ring stand , (10) coffee filters. Calculations : Our group was able to calculate velocity verse time, distance verse time, and
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration verse time in rapid results fashion courtesy of the Vernier software program being used for measurements. Using the results of the software program we were able to replicate and draw the graphs corresponding to the prescribed conditions in linear motion. By experimenting with the various motion scenarios we were able to make predictions about vector quantities and their relationships to linear motion In the coffee filter section of the experiment velocity was determined by using the linear regression function in the software program corresponding to the number of filters tested on each trial i.e, Numbers of filters (2) 0.958 m/s. Using this velocity measurement we calculated V² i.e, 0.918 (m/s)² for each trial until 10 filters had been tested....
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