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Unit 4 study guide - participating in a program 6 Students...

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Reading Guide for Unit 4 Quiz -- The University’s Goal and the Co- Curriculum 1. _________________ is a special curricular program that leads to an honors degree. 2. A student traveling to Costa Rica to learn Spanish for the summer is participating in the ___________ program. 3. Research shows that new students who become involved in at least one co-curricular organization are more likely to ________________. 4. _____________________ is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. 5. A student working with a faculty member to study and discover parasites in fish is
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Unformatted text preview: participating in a ___________ program. 6. Students planting cypress trees in Florida, as part of their Wetland Ecology class, are participating in the __________________________ program. 7. A not-for-credit learning experience that contributes significantly to student’s learning journey is called ______________. 8. A group whose membership is based on high grades is called an _________________. 9. Students competing against other students in flag-football are participating in the ___________ program. 10. List two reasons that the university encourages co-curricular activities. ___________________ ___________________...
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