4A, Zhuangzi, OUTLINE

4A, Zhuangzi, OUTLINE - doesnt imply carelessness Mourning...

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Zhuangzi: The first utopian voice Intro Ch 1 The usefulness of being “useless” (SCT 98) Ch 2 The Sorting which Evens Things Out Chapter title On the heart/mind ( xin n ) and its tendencies (99-100) Two kinds of asserting: 1. the “that’s it” that deems ( weishi n ) 2. the “that’s it” that goes by circumstance ( yinshi n ). Associated with this is “Illumination” (100). How pathetic we look when we use the mind discrimatingly (99) Indestructibility of the “utmost person” (one who doesn’t live by principles of benefit and harm) (101-2) Butterfly dream (103) Ch 3 The Secret of Caring for Life Cook Ding story (103-4): spontaneous response
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Unformatted text preview: doesnt imply carelessness Mourning story (104): accepting death as another in a series of ongoing changes Story of Zhuangzis mourning for his wife (not in SCT) Ch 4 In the World of Men Confucius as fictional character Confucius/Yan Hui dialogue: fasting of the mind ( xinzhai i ) (105-6) Ch 5 The Sign of Virtue Complete Redefining virtue ( de ) What about feelings? (107-8) Ch 6 The Great and Venerable Teacher Characters who grow ill, and their responses (109-110) Parable of the smith and the metal (110) Ch 7 Fit for Emperors and Kings Parable of Hundun (the Primal Whole) (111) Once more on locative and utopian, and how Zhuangzi is utopian 2...
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4A, Zhuangzi, OUTLINE - doesnt imply carelessness Mourning...

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