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Week 4 (DQ 1) The following is based on a true story: Amanda is two months into her freshman year in high school. Both of her parents are nurses working 12-hour shifts. She had normal growth and development until the transition to middle school. At that time, she had trouble making friends, and she started to get in with the wrong crowd toward the end of eighth grade. When she started high school the following fall, Amanda’s parents decided to transfer her to another school one month into the school year in an attempt to separate her from her friends. She engages in high-risk sexual behaviors, and is on birth control. View Amanda’s MySpot profile (age 15) at http://corptrain.phoenix.edu/axia/hca250/myspot/myspot01.htm . Post your response to the following: What biological and psychosocial factors contributed to Amanda’s behavior, and her addiction to cigarettes? What observations indicate that the process of substance dependence has already developed? Base your answers on Amanda’s background information and her MySpot profile.
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