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Week 8 DQ1 Cognitive appraisal : Chronic arthritis would change the way that I go about everything that I do on a daily basis due to the limitation of movement that is associated with the condition. I would most likely be unable to assist in healthcare because of the limitation of lifting and bending while caring for others and the ongoing care needed by my children who are all under the age of eight would become a huge obstacle for me. Adaptive tasks: To help me adapt to a condition such as this one I would definitely need support from my family and friends and perhaps even some type of therapy to help me work my way through a situation such as this one. Not being able to do things the way that I previously did and knowing that my children’s care could be compromised could easily turn me into a very
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Unformatted text preview: depressed individual if I did not get the proper help. Coping skills: The best coping skills that I can use are to understand what chronic arthritis is, how it affects me, what I would have to do to control it, and social support from my family and friends. My greatest challenge: The greatest challenges that I would have to deal with if I had this condition would be the challenges of not being able to work in the profession that I love so much, and having to depend on others to make sure that my children received the care that they deserve. I see myself as a very independent woman and the thought of having someone else supporting me and taking care of my children is a very devastating thought....
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