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HCA 250 Week 8-DQ 2 - expected now and in the future would...

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Week 8 DQ 2 Post your response to the following: In your opinion, which psychosocial intervention method discussed in the text (pp. 366-70) has the greatest potential for facilitating patients’ successful adjustment to a chronic illness? Why do you believe that particular method would be more successful than the others presented? What limitations might exist with that method? The psychosocial intervention methods that I believe would have the greatest potential in helping patients cope with their chronic illness is biofeedback and an informative view on the disease. When dealing with a chronic illness people have a tendency to become very depressed because they are no longer able to do things the way that they once could and they want things to go back to what they view as being normal. Therefore, I believe that being informed on what is to be
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Unformatted text preview: expected now and in the future would help the individual cope with the new normal and allow the individual an insight on what is to be expected in the future. Along with knowledge of the disease, I also feel that if an individual is able to establish a positive outlook on the disease by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones that they will then be able to approach the challenges of the disease more effectively. Unfortunately, the limitations with these methods are that knowledge and positive thoughts can only take an individual so far and last for so long. So other methods may be needed in the future to help one cope with the challenges and realization of one’s condition....
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