HCA 210 Final Project - My Proposal for a New System

HCA 210 Final Project - My Proposal for a New System - The...

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My Proposal for a New System  
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My Proposal for a New System   The United States is a leading country in terms of many aspects including the healthcare system. Huge budgets are allotted both by the government as well as private firms to fund wide- scale researches for further progress and improvement of healthcare. For most beneficial and advanced healthcare facilities that helped on the improvement of practice of medicines, United States is among the leading contributors. The country is known to have low infant mortality rate with increasing total life expectancy. Recent reports however, showed decline in the preventable deaths more slowly as compared to other industrialized nations. (Nolte & McKee, 2008) With all the advanced technologies with slow proofs of effects, what does this mean? It may sound unbelievable to hear but it seems like the healthcare status of an United Status- an outstanding country, is not as outstanding as its status. Not all citizens are reaping the benefits of such modernized technologies and advanced management. The modernization and advancement of facilities and supplies caused a tremendous increase on the cost of the care. United States does not have a universal health care system. The more advancement on the technologies is achieved, the more unaffordable the health care becomes to everyone. Not all the citizens have healthcare insurance coverage that will provide the first hand explanation. Around 84% of citizens have some form of health insurance” (Brenner, Camera, Coffey, dissolve, Fontana,) and the rest do not have any insurance coverage. “ Americans without health insurance coverage at some time during 2006 totaled about 16% of the population, or 47 million people ”. (DeNavas-Walt, C., Proctor, BD., & Smith, J.) Though there are government programs funding
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HCA 210 Final Project - My Proposal for a New System - The...

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