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HCA 210 Week 3 DQ 1 Currently there are limited facilities in my community that offers long-term care. There are few nursing homes, mental health clinics, and semi-charitable support group offering long term-care services for the community. Unfortunately, most of the long-term care facilities within my community are mostly operating as for-profit facility thus accessibility to the public is limited. There is at least two non-profit facilities but could only accommodate a limited number of individuals who needs long-term care. With such limited facilities, it is not surprising to see individuals who need long term care to frequently visit governmental clinics and hospitals. There are essential services missing. First, the facilities that could provide long-term services are insufficient. With growing numbers of elders, a facility where the elders can spend their time to continue being productive believe should be available in any community. Elders need to go on with their lives and most elder’s wants to keep proving themselves as being productive. Another
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Unformatted text preview: facility which can enhance physical fitness of the elders must also be available in the community. The elder lies can keep themselves physically fit at homes but it will be more encouraging if there is a facility that will guide and help them. The physical fitness facility can also help them to socialize with others and will be very helpful for their mental health. A facility that will enhance the mental health of the elders is also very important. A professional psychologist must be available to devise and prioritize the needs of the elders that will help them mentally healthy. At present, hospital and clinics are abundant in my community. Residents can choose a facility according to the affordability. Those who can afford to pay can go to private and specialized clinics and hospitals. Governmental hospitals are also available around which provide services mostly for those who cannot afford to pay for their healthcare services. or state that are not long-term care services?...
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