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HCA 210 Week 3 DQ 2 As I observe, the three issues faced by the aging population include discrimination in the workplace, bias in the healthcare system, and social prejudice. It is very obvious that aged individuals are being discriminated in the workplace. In any kind of job, younger individuals are always preferable even if an aged person. Aged people are most often perceived as less productive and less capable. Due to the growing population of the aged, most elders need to continue earning a living. The perception that aged should stop working and the discrimination of the aged people in the workplace had in fact affected the life of so many individuals and aggravated the financially-related problems among the families. Most government is looking on this aspect and takes this issue as a critical issue. There are proposals to contend with this discrimination of the aged in the workplace but it would perhaps take some time to be fully implemented. Bias in the healthcare system is another issue faced by the aged people. Most of the aged people
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