HCA 210 Week 4 Assignment Case Study

HCA 210 Week 4 Assignment Case Study - Mental Illness THIS...

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Mental Illness 1 THIS TUTORIAL IS TO BE USED AS A GUIDE HCA 210 Assignment: Case Study University of Phoenix
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A mental illness has a broad spectrum that no particular definition has ever been truly accepted. On the other hand, one can say that a broad definition includes that a mental illness is dependent upon a society’s norms and whether corresponding behaviors go against these norms – considered as either deviance or even as a mental illness (Mental, 2008) . Thus, considering that a physical illness such as diabetes contains common symptoms and is easier at identifying and treating versus a mental illness because symptoms vary from individual to individual and are usually quite contrasting and/or difficult to identify and treat. Deinstitutionalization, occurring sometime after WWII, was a progression in history, which allowed for the reformation movement of mental illness hospitals (Mental, 2008) . This way of thinking provided that only those with serious mental issues should be the individuals institutionalized, and along with the development of many antipsychotic drugs, this reinforced the idea of deinstitutionalization. Various opinions exist upon this situation. There are those who stand by it, but on the other hand, many more individuals oppose it because many former patients along with those who have cases that need treatment were affected, leaving them with no place to go – either living on the streets or in questionable living conditions. There are many individuals who are dosed with antipsychotic drugs to “treat” the problem, but instead, are left feeling much less human than can be fathomed, and are failing to receive any kind of care. However, to say that deinstitutionalization is all bad is quite an overstatement – various
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HCA 210 Week 4 Assignment Case Study - Mental Illness THIS...

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