HCA 210 Week 8 CheckPoint Electronic Medical Records

HCA 210 Week 8 CheckPoint Electronic Medical Records -...

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THIS TUTORIAL IS TO BE USED AS A GUIDE HCA 210 CheckPoint: Electronic Medical Records University of Phoenix
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Health care facilities use electronic (computerized) medical records (EMR) to access a patient's medical and treatment history in situations were time is essential. EMRs are often used in life or death situations. For example, a patient is taken to an ER in extremely critical condition and must be treated immediately. No family members are present however the patient has identification and his medical records can be quickly accessed and viewed to verify that he has no allergies or conditions that would have an ill reaction with the medicine or treatment which is about to be administered. The advantages of Emergency Medical Records (EMR) are that a patient's complete records are able to be accessed in a short amount of time without the gaps in treatment and health issues that
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Unformatted text preview: sometimes exists when using paper records. EMRs are also extremely portable and can be used in mobile health treatment. The major disadvantage of Emergency Medical Records is that they are not as confidential as paper records because they are accessible by a large amount of people. When attempting to implement and Universal EMR system, many major challenges are faced. One of the major challenges is that the conversion process from physical records to EMR is time consuming and costly. Another major challenge is that once created, EMRs must be migrated to several different systems, depending on which type of system a facility is using. Facilities may change programs several times within the life of one patient so constant migration may be necessary....
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HCA 210 Week 8 CheckPoint Electronic Medical Records -...

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