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CJS200 Week 3 Checkpoint Law Enforcement Agencies

CJS200 Week 3 Checkpoint Law Enforcement Agencies -...

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Law Enforcement Agencies Of the many law enforcement agencies three of the most important would be Municipal, state police and highway patrol, and Federal law enforcement agencies. The Municipal law enforcement agencies (or local police) are responsible for a wide variety of crimes but limited to certain districts. The state police (or highway patrol) are responsible for assisting local police agencies, investigating crimes committed that cross jurisdictional boundaries; regulate crime in counties that do not have local or county police, and to break strikes and labor movements. The Federal branch consists of Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Customs, Secret Service, FBI, DEA, ATF, Marshals, and the Department of Treasury. These agencies are responsible for federal crimes
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Unformatted text preview: including, not limited to, terrorism, drug offenses, and illegal immigration. I feel that the most important agency would be the federal law enforcement agencies because they cover such a wide variety of crimes and such a large area. The federal agencies handle large crimes such as organized crime and ensure that the country is safe from foreign and domestic terrorism. Without these agencies the country would be very unsafe and there would be total chaos with people murdering others, we would have a much larger drug problem. To sum it up, without these federal agencies, our country would be much like some of the foreign countries that have absolutely no order....
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