CJS200 Week 8 Checkpoint Jails

CJS200 Week 8 Checkpoint Jails - than ever before and I...

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Jails Jails are imperative in today's society. A jail takes individuals that are pending arraignment and holds them while they are awaiting trial, conviction, or sentencing. They are also intended to temporarily holds juveniles while these children are pending a transfer to juvenile authorities. A jail can also hold the mentally ill that are waiting to transfer to health facilities, detain people that have violated probation or parole, those who have “jumped” bail, and holds anyone that is waiting to be transferred to a federal or state prison. I believe that certain areas of the current system are effective while other areas are not. There are many people that are sociopaths that need to be kept away from society. The area that I feel needs improvement is the area of rehabilitation. Crime is higher now
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Unformatted text preview: than ever before and I believe that it is not only due to the rise in population. The percentage of repeat offenders is staggering and something needs to be done. If a person is tagged as a criminal then this affects the rest of their life. A reform is definitely in order. While this is a heft job, it could be done. If more funding were put into the schools and prevention instead of pouring money into the jails then maybe we could stop the crime before it starts. With a rise in single parents and the collapsing economy it has become necessary to pull together and attempt to raise the children of America when their parents cannot. It seems backwards to raise them after they are eighteen by means of jails and prisons....
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