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Media and Crime 1 Media and Crime Josh Gorban There have been many studies conducted that suggest that the media has a major influence on the crime rates that America endures today. “Two of the most compelling field studies have looked at the way television changed a culture when it was first introduced. In 1973, Tannis MacBeth Williams studied the kids in a Canadian town before and after the town got TV. She found that creativity dropped and that within two years after the arrival of the tube, rates of hitting, shoving and biting among first and second graders increased by 160 percent.” (Violence, reel to real, 1995). This article explains that media has a large impact on children and the adults that they become. It is believed that when a child witnesses a murder or crime on television that they do believe it to be real. This, in turn, begins to numb the child and then this type of after-school training subconsciously teaches these
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Unformatted text preview: children that it is okay to become a criminal. Often we let our children watch whatever they want on television. Even cartoons these days could have some kind of violence, which can lead a child to believe or get violence mixed with pleasure. Even shows that depict someone being punished (with violence) that is believed to be a criminal can be just as harmful as a murder movie. When children view this they begin to believe that violence is the way to handle “bad people” or bad situations. If, as an adult, they have been trained to believe that these types of people should be punished then their mind has been trained to believe that is alright to hit or hurt someone because that person deserves it. References Leland, John. (1995, December 11). Violence, reel to real. Newsweek , 126 , 24....
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