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Week 1- Assignment - legitimate argument The speaker...

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Week 1 WEEK1_ASSIGNMENT The speaker spoke as if he had already won the election. To me he seemed very cocky and arrogant; he also had a funny side which made you like him. I did notice some bias in the video speech when he said all the stuff about the other candidate, who knows what, is true. I think people in politics can lie and deceive you into believing what they want you to hear. The candidate Kane could be telling the truth about the other candidate or he could be lying. But Kane sure knew how to work up an audience. The fallacies that I noticed in the speech were; down player because most of his expressions where trying to down play the true importance of the campaign. Innuendo, because he made a lot of jokes and comments that sounded like that. I think another one that Kane used was Apple Polishing, because in over half his campaign he sounded like he was flattering the audience rather than talking about any claims or any important decisions. The last fallacy that I saw was pity “argument”, because it seemed like he would rather take pity than make a
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Unformatted text preview: legitimate argument. The speaker addressed the arguments and counter arguments with humor and talking as if he had already won. I noticed when he made humor about the campaign people laughed and it looked like for the most part people really enjoyed him. He did make a very appealing argument, I think even if you did not believe in what he stood for he still sounded pretty good. I think that the speakers arguments where effective in that short clip, he sounded like there was going to be change. He also told the fellow voters that he was going to make no promises because he did not want to be like everybody else. But I also think that he was very deceiving because he acted like he stood for something, but he never made any type of promises to the community. I think the reason he did not want to act like he was going to do a bunch of things and make promises is because he did not want to disappoint people....
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