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Axia College Material Appendix D Week2 – Checkpoint Strategies for Gathering Information Source (Formatted using APA style guidelines) What makes the source credible or not credible? What information can you gather from this source? Facts on File (2002), Advocates of Drug Legalization Criticize Drug Courts This source seems to be very credible; the site has tons of information about numerous facts. They also have a citation and the site looks legitimate The type of information that I can gather from this source for my paper is the fact that people are trying to legalize drugs so there will be less crime. That would be a great topic or point in my essay. Maeyer, Vanderplasschen and Broekaert (2008), Exploratory Study on Drug Users’ Perspectives on Quality of Life: More than Health-Related Quality of Life This source is credible because of the citations and the authors backgrounds about the subject of drug users’. The types of information that I could get from this source is the
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Unformatted text preview: view point of drug users’ or how they think. Erceg-Hurn (2008), Drugs, Money, and Graphic Ads: A Critical Review of the Montana Meth Project The source is credible because it has it’s citations and everything in the source is a fact about a situation. The information that I can get is knowing that other states have the same issues as every other state and they are trying there best to keep drugs out. Wired for Health (1970), Types of Drugs The source is credible because it is a .gov site which has factual and reliable information. Information that I can use is all the types of drugs, from cocaine to steroids. National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (1998), Above the Influence This source is reliable and credible since it is part of the government. The types of info that I can retrieve from this site is what types of drugs do what to your body. The first three websites are from the University’s Library the second two I searched them in Google. COM 220...
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