Week 5-ASsignment - Example 1: This middle aged woman...

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Week 5- Assignment The most appropriate types of graphs or illustrations are one that can still show an example of drug use without crossing the line. If I was to show illustrations of people before and after drug use I would make sure that they are appropriate for my essay. I think that these types of visuals could fit anywhere in my paper or at least when I am making examples of how many teens use certain drugs or even how many people have died due to overdose’s. These visuals will strengthen my arguments by having examples of people or graphs about the affects of drug use.
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Unformatted text preview: Example 1: This middle aged woman started using Methamphetamine (also known as: ice, speed, or crystal). She is somewhere in her mid-thirties, these pictures where taken over a course of just 5 to 10 years. This woman aged progressively due to this drug, and if she did not stop using she might just be dead because of her addiction. Example 2 This graph shows the statistics of people who use certain drugs ranging from every age group. Marijuana is the most common among young people. Millions of people use each of these drugs some greater than others....
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Week 5-ASsignment - Example 1: This middle aged woman...

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