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Analyzing Credibility - Analyzing Credibility Analyzing...

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Analyzing Credibility 1 Analyzing Credibility University of Phoenix
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Analyzing Credibility 2 Analyzing Credibility Both examples were paid by the company the advertisment was for. I watched Pedigree and Wendy's ads. I would say that I could detect a secondary opinion in both company's ads. In Pedigree they were saying that other dog food besides their "Pedigree Lite" will make your dog over weight. With Wendy's I feel that they were saying that their meat is fresh and other competitors is frozen so theirs is better. I think that Pedigree is a top name brand dog food and society does use it more than other competitors. I think Pedigree is very credible because it showed in the ad pedigree's logo and it was on their website. With Wendy's I think society looks at their comercials and says, "Oh fresh meat, that has to be healthier fast food". when in reality it is still fast food. I believe this ad was credible as well for the same reasons. I am not so much skeptical of the sources credibility because Larry King is a reliable source in my opinion, also I think that they are just speaking about their opinions in the CNN video. I think there is a lot of bias in this video because they both know they are being video tapped and thus I believe that they do withhold opinions and fact. I also think that they make many judgemental comments within this video. The ad that I chose was Pedigree and I believe that they do make a claim. The claim they make is that their food will keep your dog healthy and happy. The desire the ad plays into it that they want everyone to put their dogs on this dog food. I think that it is trying to target a new fear and desire, and that is fear that your dog will become unhealthy if you do not use our product and desire that they want all of America to use their product. I think that the ad does invoke feeling
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Analyzing Credibility - Analyzing Credibility Analyzing...

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