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Argument Evaluation - Argument Evaluation 1 Argument...

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Argument Evaluation 1 Argument Evaluation University of Phoenix
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Argument Evaluation 2 Argument Evaluation The first argument from the article Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11 is deaths resulting from motor accidents every year compared to the deaths that were attributed from the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. The second argument would be if these new preventive measures to maintain national security are really necessary and benefiting the American people or are they just causing paranoia and allowing the terrorists to have victory. Do the premises sufficiently support the conclusions? I believe that the premises do support the conclusions, this article argues that Americans have more fatal deaths every month than the number of victims that were killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I agree with this, we lose a significant amount of people everyday due to just the natural order of living, unexpected car accidents, homicides, drowning, natural disasters, etc. I also believe that due to 9/11 we have put a significant amount of money into our national security that may not necessarily be needed in that area. I believe the billions of dollars spent on protecting our national security could be distributed to other areas. The preventive steps that are being executed as a result of 9/11 may be unnecessary. If someone is determined enough, they could put their efforts into terrorizing any populated place where security is overlooked, not just airports. It seems like we're so focused on protecting our airports, we may be leaving other areas vulnerable to such other attacks. Are the arguments either deductively valid or inductively strong, or are they invalid or
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Argument Evaluation - Argument Evaluation 1 Argument...

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