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Argument Validity - means the teachers are teaching well...

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Argument Validity 1 Argument Validity University of Phoenix
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Argument Validity 2 Argument Validity 2. (C) Possibly true or maybe false. Just because the annual rainfall in California's north valley averages 23 in. It doesn't mean it will rain 23 in. next year this is only an average. The chances of that are all most impossible. 3. (B) Probably true. This is an old truck and has a V8 on top of that. It is also very worn out. it can't be ruled out. 4. (C) Possibly true or maybe false. I am assuming this because there is no way that you can tell if a Republican will win, the way the elections have went in the past. Actually it could go both ways. 6. (B) Probably true. This is because they have increased and will continue to keep increasing. It seems as if people are purchasing them every day and the proof is in the stores. 7. (C) Possibly true or false. these are Ivy League schools and they're the best and/or have all the money it takes to attend these schools. Most of these students have high GPA's, but that never
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Unformatted text preview: means the teachers are teaching well. 8. (B) Probably true. I think this is because of how much he has changed throughout the years. My mom said she grew up watching him on TV and he looks nothing like he use to and age doesn't do this to people. 10. (C) Possibly true or not. When liquor was banned in 1920, alcoholism might of gone away and easily could have. I also think that if a person wants alcohol they will get it. There is no way legalization of cocaine, marijuana, and heroin would not curb abuse of those substances because it is a different dependency. Argument Validity 3 11. (C) Possibly true or possibly false. I think this because the children might have been on time, but sometime the press goes down or just maybe she had a flat tire.References Axia. (2010). Chapter 7. Retrieved from University of Phoenix Website....
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