5A, Outline

5A, Outline - Huainanzi(SCT 346-49 The establishment of...

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Cosmology, cosmogony, and correlative thought; the ideological primacy of Confucianism Historical and political background Qin dynasty (221-207 B.C.E.) Han dynasty (221 B.C.E.-220 C.E., with interregnum 9-23 C.E.) What you read for today: 1. a medical text from the Huangdi neijing lingshu , called the Divine Pivot (SCT 275-78) 2. a discourse on the natural and the human order by Lu Jia in his New Discourses ( Xinyu ) (SCT 285-89) 3. an article on Dong Zhongshu and selections from his Chunqiu fanlu (SCT 292-301) 4. a further piece from same, on interpreting omens (SCT 305-6) 5. an article (not a translation) on the Confucian canon and its establishment during the Han (SCT 314-18) 6. an article on cosmology and correlative thought, including a selection on cosmogony from the
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Unformatted text preview: Huainanzi (SCT 346-49) The establishment of Confucianism as state ideology (SCT 314-18) Correlative thought The basic idea, and how it matters Two essential building blocks: YIN o and YANG o FIVE PHASES wood > fire > earth > metal > water > wood Comments on the day’s texts as they relate to correlative thought The medical text (SCT 275-78) Lu Jia’s discourse (SCT 285-89) Dong Zhongshu’s text (SCT 295-301) A Han cosmogony (SCT 346-49) “… Man was born out of nothing to assume form as something. Having form, he is governed by things. But he who can return to that from which he was born and become as though formless is called a ‘true man.’ The true man is one who has never become separated from the Great Oneness.” (SCT 347)...
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5A, Outline - Huainanzi(SCT 346-49 The establishment of...

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