Government Note Compilation EXAM1

Government Note Compilation EXAM1 - Presidents and...

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Unformatted text preview: Presidents and Statecraft 03:15 A. Grand Strategy 1. Elusive term used to refer to presidents general approach to security / foreign and domestic policy, a leaders theory or a view of how best to defend and promote the countrys security. Where do these strategies come from? From outside international events? What does security mean? Territorial integrity, safety of citizens is foremost but it can be defined more broadly. James Monroe 1823 announced that the western hemisphere was off limits to European powers not out of fear of an attack on American soil, 1918 Woodrow Wilson 14 points It is in Americas interest to make the world safe for democracy, promote the spread of democracy very expansive conceptions of national security. Went beyond the challenge of protecting the countrys territorial integrity-Security is often defined defensively: deter, maintain, prevent others from taking things that we value. Resources, markets, land. Other times it is defined more broadly and involves efforts to expand the countrys territory and resources: land, oil. Generally: to make a countrys international setting more managable and predictable for the pursuit of other activities. Shifting the international distribution of power in ones favor rather than protecting oneself from others. Expanding ones own reach versus rebuffing attempts of other countries to do the same. Security is a value, nations can aspire to attain it in greater or lesser measure. -Some argue that the value of security is outweighed by the need for domestic improvements, sometimes it can be purchased cheaply through clever diplomacy but it is never free. Through diplomacy you can shift the burden of maintaining your own security to someone else.-Nixon decided that US policy towards China made no sense to the US and he advised Kissinger that it would be easier to contain and balance USSR if we allied with China because China and USSR were enemies despite the fact that they were both communist. Moscow contacted Nixon privately and asked if they could bomb China, my enemys enemy is my friend they aligned together against the Russians, causing Russia to split their forces between China and eastern Europe. Deterred the Soviet threat by shifting the burden to China, security acheived. -Sometimes it is more expensive, costs ;alsdkf resources....
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Government Note Compilation EXAM1 - Presidents and...

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