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Study Questions EXAM2 compilation

Study Questions EXAM2 compilation - Trubowitz Study...

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Trubowitz Study Questions EXAM2 compilation 1. How does Gaddis classify Reagan’s strategy of containment? Symmetrical containment? Asymmetrical containment? Explain. 2. How would you characterize Reagan’s speech to the British Parliament in 1982? Identify two features of the speech you think noteworthy. 3. According to Zakaria, what impact did Reagan’s grand strategy have on Soviet leaders? 4. How do Deudney and Ikenberry explain the end of the Cold War? How does their view compare to other accounts of the Soviet collapse? 5. Given Gorbachev’s precarious domestic position, why didn’t Bush do more (e.g., provide financial support) to help him? 6. What does Mandelbaum mean by “reassurance” and why does he think such a policy serves America’s interests 7. According to Trubowitz, in what ways was Clinton’s approach to grand strategy similar to Hoover’s? How did it differ? What explains the difference?
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