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chap 8a - Chapter Eight Organization Structure I...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/21/2012 Chapter Eight Organization Structure I Boordinaféd: Qggiioizggfin chart ‘ t t ‘ » ’vixsual re resgggtio im; 3 b, icnfie fthé intendgq mgrstfficmremand M V :61] :92 V W Or an'z ti h g l a onc art Gradientof privilege Input Transaction Work Done Product Disposal Work Flow 2/21/2012" Fundamentals of Organizing (cont.) nirreréhtiatioh 4 :1) inextentlto which tasks are divided into subtasks and performed A; “by-indiyiduals with specialized skills l egration: extent to \vvh‘ich various partsvof an organization cooperate andsinteract’yvith each other - 0 ml (VI/m It prod vq’ <' a coordination — procedures that link various parts of an organization for the purposes of achieving its goals mtegratigngrnaore important with greater differentiation wJ“integration more important with greater uncertainty , éxM 0 (7 MA The Vertical Structure (p. 278) Wm; WWW— ;agfl gm a); go . i J34 mfg Ht? i/Lmt/e A‘utliorltyg’ v "the legitimate right to make decisions, issue orders, and ocate resources to achieve organizationally desired incomes Ivested in organizational positions, not people (2‘63 Pr I" {’1 apriiggarywsneans of organizatigsz 0L u—MADV) 1 Responsibility (p. 283) g. 2 g Iassignment of a task that an employee is obligated to In % , U ,7L % " V/ ’ Mafia? perform Accountability L ; _,_ l (fl ) OWQ lexpectation that employees will perform a job, take ' corrective action when necessary, and report upward on the . ‘ ' status and quality of their performance " Iv, V wig V 7’ , “671%in 5“ acid "5 , \ rclawback clam in executive compensatio (am/9&4; Ami)”; .}. moat-L L05 MVL WM ‘ [WM hm mm Cottonwbe The Vertical Structure (cont.) Span of control (p. 282) number cf subordinates W , " MK .flg4gg4ag I I SPQM Qigowl’so‘ geport directly to a manager 2/21/2012 The Ver Delegatioliz 283) "7 W I uprocess used totiansferauthorityand responsibility to ‘ positions below in the hierarchy “ Vim-assign authority that is commensurate w1 re'spOnsibilityI ’ 1r: (4' ‘ 4 “Icannot delegate accountability-i - ladvantages of delegation ‘ Imanage large, diversified films?” Sow ’3 ‘il Vk-E .manager frees herself/himself to devote energy to other important, higher-level activities nprovides subordinate with a more important job tical Structure (cont.) nresistance to delegation by: .managers Isubordinates T e Vertical Structure (cont.) dentjraliz'fitiom'r‘i K ' W’ : Ilocationfo " V ' -/ levels y ,( \ Icentrélized structure appi’opfiéite in times of 'cnsrs or risk of company failure Decentralization glocation of decision nearwlowernorgangfiional levels ‘ I f- decentralized iswes eciall eextemal‘ e'n'vironm \tsflai “volatil g v if «organizations complexity, : I}; aeafiaug lower-level managers ' a" mtypeofdecisiou :2: m we mitt” m“ The Horizontal Structure (1). Ii": 7st my “dewwww WWW/wax» m _ fiepaitmelitalizationz g c v ‘ é' ’y nbasis’Afo’r‘gvrouping pos ions int I ‘ fidepanments into“the total organization ‘7 ‘ «thmaswe t an,st \ wwwmm‘g. ,:« \. Functional structure Idepartmentalization based on specialized Much as production, marketing, and human resources upeople, facilities, and other resources representing common function are groued into a sin \ ~L 006N347? def/.1 w) W)?!“ F‘A‘d‘mgh‘j 89mm} bvmfl/L 91$)”: f 3 ...
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chap 8a - Chapter Eight Organization Structure I...

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