Bus. Law Course Syllabus Fall 2010

Bus. Law Course Syllabus Fall 2010 - Course Syllabus...

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Course Syllabus Accounting 241-002 Business Law Fall Semester 2010 Instructor: Claralyn M. Hill (claralynhill@comcast.net) 801-422-8378 (messages) claralynhill@comcast.net TA/Grader: Garrett Williams garrett.stephen.williams@gmail. com Office Hrs: By Appointment only 610 TNRB Text: Pearson Custom Business Resources excerpts from Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics and International Issues 6 th Ed. Other assigned readings. Course Objectives: When the student completes this course, he or she should be able to do the following: Demonstrate a working knowledge of the following topics: sources of law, courts and their procedures and alternatives, crimes, torts, contracts, agency, different forms of business organizations, employment law and business ethics. Demonstrate an ability to analyze issues of law applied to relevant facts. Be able to spot legal issues related to their business interests. Apply ethical principles to legal problems. Class: To benefit the most, students should come prepared for class by doing the assigned reading and participating in class discussion. In addition to covering the material in the assigned reading, we will use examples, hypotheticals and real life applications. Students will also advocate positions and stand in the roles of certain parties. The more prepared students are for class, the more interactive (and therefore interesting) class will be. Students will be responsible for knowing the content of all assigned reading and materials discussed in class. Preparing for and actively participating in this process is the best possible preparation
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Bus. Law Course Syllabus Fall 2010 - Course Syllabus...

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