BUS M 540 Fall 2010 Syllabus

BUS M 540 Fall 2010 Syllabus - Syllabus Organizational...

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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus Organizational BehaviorBUS M 540, Sections 1-3, Fall 2010 Instructor: Peter M. Madsen, Ph.D. Sec. 1 Location: 230 TNRB Office: 585 TNRB Sec. 1 Time: TTh 8:00-9:15 Phone: 422-4353 Sec. 2 Location: 230 TNRB Email: petermadsen@byu.edu Sec. 2 Time: TTh 12:30-1:45 Office Hours: MWF 1:00-2:30, or by appointment Sec. 3 Location: 260 TNRB Sec. 3 Time: TTh 2:00-3:15 Course Overview Organizations deeply impact our lives. Most of us were born in an organization; we are educated in organizations; we spend much of our lives working in organizations; we socialize, recreate and worship in organizations; and many of us will die while in the care of an organization. Organizational Behavior is the study of organizations and the people that compose them. It concerns itself with how people may behave to enhance their performance within organizations and how organizations may be managed to increase their overall effectiveness. The purposes of this course are to prepare you to: 1) identify organizations in which you will have the greatest likelihood of achieving personal fulfillment and professional success; 2) effectively interact with and lead others in groups and other organizational settings; and 3) successfully manage your career within and across organizations. In this course, we will focus primarily on one type of organizationthe professional service firm (PSF)because the vast majority of you will find employment in this type of organization after graduation, although most of the principles that we will examine are applicable to any type of organization. Course Policies In this course, we will adhere to all of the Marriott School classroom policies. Please refer to http://marriottschool.byu.edu/classroompolicies for descriptions of these policies. Please note that the contents of this document are subject to change at the instructors discretion. Instructions given in class or as Blackboard announcements always supersede instructions in this syllabus. Course Learning Objectives After completing this course, you should be able to: 1. articulate the factors that produce person-organization fit and explain how individual characteristics impact a persons fit with different organizations. 2. demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the behaviors that enhance personal and group performance in and across organizations. 3. function effectively as a member and leader of a work group. 4. explain the principles of effective organizational change. 5. thoughtfully discuss how organizational behavior relates to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Course Format and Materials The course will center around analysis of a set of 10 extended case studies of professionals and PSFs9 of them will deal with situations encountered by others, and 1 will deal with your own personal situation. All learning activities in the coursereadings, class preparation, team interaction, and class discussionwill take place in the context of solving the problems presented in these cases. problems presented in these cases....
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BUS M 540 Fall 2010 Syllabus - Syllabus Organizational...

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