Dylan Freidman Case Instructions

Dylan Freidman Case Instructions - Dylan Freidman Case...

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Dylan Freidman Case After a successful internship and graduation with her Masters of Accountancy, Dylan Freidman joined KPMG’s Dallas audit practice as an associate. During her first year, Dylan was assigned to work with a variety of senior associates and a couple of different managers. Her performance manager, Luke Bamforth, was one of the most respected in the office. People told Dylan how lucky she was to be mentored and evaluated by Luke. She began to earn a solid reputation for her work ethic, attention to detail, and technical knowledge. At the end of her second year, she was promoted to senior associate. The advancement wasn’t unusual—most new associates made senior by the end of their second year. Dylan’s feedback was more glowing than most, however. Each manager and senior associate with whom she had worked gave her top marks for her professionalism and technical skills. “Having Dylan on your team means you’ll always come in on time and under budget,” said one manager. Given her track record and skills, it wasn’t too surprising that Dylan was promoted to manager after her fourth year. (The usual timetable was to make manager after the fifth year.) By now, she had developed strong working relationships with her two largest clients, Frito-Lay and EDS. Her clients trusted her, and the partners in KPMG’s Dallas office trusted her. What’s more, they’d had trouble retaining high-performing women in recent years, and they didn’t want to lose Dylan. “Promoting her early seemed like a
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Dylan Freidman Case Instructions - Dylan Freidman Case...

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